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Current Fundraising

Berlin Marathon 2022

It's happening... again.

After saying no more marathons for a while, a surprise entry to Berlin in September 2022 means it's time to get the trainers on once more!

This time we'll be raising money for Hull & East Yorkshire Mind. So, if you can, then please donate here.

What have we achieved so far?

More than £15,000 raised for mental health charities.

Just a few words.

During any time of grief, including national grief, it can be challenging for people to talk about their own issues and emotions without feeling that they are being selfish.

But these are the times when people can struggle the most, and it's more important to check in with each other and start a conversation.

For World Suicide Prevention Day 2022, we want to discuss the importance of starting a conversation.

You can read the full article on here. 💙

Mind Miles Musings

In memory of...

Amanda Dickerson

Awareness and funds raised in loving memory of Amanda Dickerson. 💙